Discovery is “Green”

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Did you know? Discovery is certified “green” with a 2017 Green Globe for “resource efficiency and reduction of environmental impacts.” One of Discovery’s most impressive green building initiatives that contributed to this certification is the state-of-the-art Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system that takes the place of a traditional HVAC system. Discovery’s residents can attest to the comfort of the VRF system, which keeps interior spaces at constant and quieter levels. Also gone are the multiple condenser units required for HVAC systems, and because VRF is more energy-efficient, Discovery residents enjoy smaller energy bills.

Every apartment at Discovery has a programmable thermostat, allowing residents to control temperatures (and conserve resources) while away from home. The sophisticated HVAC system isn’t Discovery’s only green initiative. Discovery also offers charging stations at every building for electric cars. The Green Building Initiative is a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating green building practices that result in energy-efficient, healthier and environmentally sustainable buildings.

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